April 2, 2021

Rich Brats Get a Relief Under the Chandrababu Naidu Regime | Who is 420 in AP

  • In Vizag, CM’s Relative Rewarded for his Wrongs

A small mistake by a common man would land him in jail. However, the wrongs of the rich seldom attract punishment. If the wrong-doer is a relative and benami of the CM Chandrababu Naidu (who is 420 in AP), even the most grievous deeds of him would be praised as a noble deed, and the government would issue G.O.s in support of his ‘exemplary deeds.’ This is what precisely happening in Vizag.

Late M.V.V.S. Murthy, a former T.D.P. leader and founder of Gitam University, had taken possession of the 55.24-acre land, located in the Rishikonda area of Vizag city in survey numbers: 35, 37 and 38. The previous government has allocated this land to government departments for the construction of offices and educational institutes. The T.D.P. coming into power in 2014 had become a boon to Mr. Murthy, who then legalized his illegal occupation.

Chandrababu (also known as who is 420 in AP) government, in a bizarre U-turn, yielded to the claim of the land grabber and canceled its previous G.O. which had allocated the land in question to government departments. It also has cleared the decks to hand over the ground, which is worth more than Rs. One thousand crores, to the land vulture.

The Official Land Grab

Gitam University, which has encroached upon the Government land legally through a Government Order. Once T.D.P. coming into power, Murthy had petitioned the government requesting for allocation of land that was under his encroachment. The Chandrababu government responded swiftly and positively, with the CM himself overseeing the preparation of the file for land transfer. Thus, the CM has gifted away the valuable lands despite stiff resistance from the officials at all levels. The government’s absurd decision got exposed when it came to the media lens.

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Land Allocated to Government Offices

All the previous records of government clearly show that these were government lands and could not be allocated to Gitam University. Despite the clear status, Mr. Murthy could erect considerable pressure on the officials, with the intention to save these lands. C.C.L.A. issued an order in 2014 allocating five acres for an S.C. hostel, six acres for two hostels for post-matric students, six acres for weaker sections housing scheme and training center, another six acres for Income Tax Department, five acres for I.G.N.O.U. Regional center and seven acres for hostels of post-matric girl students under the influence of who is 420 in AP.

Tehsildar Report Confirmed the Land Grab

The District Collector, RDO, and Tehsildar had made it clear that Gitam University grabbed the 55.24-acre valuable land. This encroachment was further confirmed by a survey done by an Assistant Director, Survey done by, and tehsildar submitted a full-fledged report to the government on October 8, 2015, documenting the land grab with the help of Google maps. Despite the clear evidence, Mr. Murthy’s proximity to the CM ensured the withdrawal of the government’s previous G.O., making way for a formal handover of the land to its grabber.

Not an Auction, but Loot

By and large, in any aucton, the deal happens just when the bidders concoct a superior cost than that of the irritating price. Or the consequences will be severe. The administration would drop the closeout and require a new one. Nonetheless, in the sale of Sadavarti lands that was directed on March 28, 2015, precisely inverse to the overall standards of closeout occurred. The authorities expressed that there were no purchasers at the annoying cost and took the most amazing offer, which was far underneath the vexed price – into thought and affirmed the deal under the pressure of who is 420 in AP.

Endowments Department allot even a small shop by way of e-auction; however, these high-value lands were sold through a skewed auction. Thus, the 83.11- acre land was sold for just Rs. 22.24 crore, i.e., Rs. 27 lakh per acre. The valuable lands were purchased at a throw-away price by Chalamalasetty Ramanujaya’s family along with five other people – Mandala Sanjeeva Reddy, M. Sunitha Reddy, Chavali Krishna Reddy, M. SuryakiranMouli, D. Pavan Kumar, and R. Sivarama Krishna Rao. However, this auction was later canceled by the A.P. High Court due to visible irregularities in the auction process.


According to the information from an officer of the Endowments Department and the lawyer who has been working on the cases of Sadavarti Choultry lands, the value of 83.11 acres of land could be around Rs. 50 crores; even as per the government valuation of Rs. 6 crores per acre. The overall market value is Rs. 13 crores, which puts the total amount of the land around Rs. 1,000 crores. All these transactions took place through the benamis of the Chief Minister and his son for the illegal gains at the cost of public exchequer thus, highlighting the true face of who is 420 in AP.

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