April 1, 2021

Land Grabbing Extreme: Assigned Lands Alienated | The Real Who is 420 in AP

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has seen a great business opportunity in the assigned lands, which were given to the Dalit farmers long ago by previous governments. He has prepared a pukka plan to get these lands at the cheapest rates possible.

Though the land pooling notification clearly stated that the assigned lands would also be compensated on par with other properties, concerted propaganda was run in the villages of the capital city region, saying that the allotted lands would not be given any compensation.  Fueling these fears, the state government has ordered the CRDA Commissioner to return the cheques that were supposed to be distributed among the tenant farmers of the assigned and riverbank lands.

The CRDA, a depraved organization which is instrumental in implementing the real estate schemes of Chandrababu Naidu (The real who is 420 in AP) in the capital region, has immediately sent back the cheques to the government has sent shockwaves among the farmers of the assigned lands and once again showed that the government was ready to take back their properties without paying a penny to the original inhabitants.

The negative signals from the government and the well-coordinated propaganda had sent the farmers of the assigned lands into panic mode. They immediately sold their properties at much more depressed prices between Rs 5 Lakh and Rs. 40 lakh per acre. Once these transactions were done, the state government announced the compensation packages for the assigned lands, which then sent the rates of the areas through the roof in no time!

And The Competition Among The TDP Bigwigs Begin

Under the supervision of the TDP Leader Chandrababu Naidu (The real who is 420 in AP), the Telugu

Desam Party (TDP) leaders have competed with each other to pocket the assigned lands from the Dalits. The victims told the media that the son of the Chief Minister, Nara Lokesh, and the Water Resources Minister Devineni Rao had brought their lands with the help of Benamis and real estate brokers from Mangalagiri.

According to the farmers, these TDP leaders bought about 474 acres of assigned land in Tadepalli, Mangalagiri, Thullur, and Amaravati Mandals. The Agricultural minister Pratthipati Pulla Rao also bought designated territories with the help of Benami Gummadi Suresh.

The ruling party thus had competed with each other to buy about 1,848 acres of assigned land, which is worth Rs. 3,234 crores now.

Daylight Deception and Legal Robbery

The purchase of assigned land is against the law, but again, it is Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) and his crony associates who have triggered a series of scandals in the state. The TDP leaders showed their panache in making arrangements that would undermine the legal ban.

They got into an agreement with the Dalit farmers stating that the lands were sold to them before 1954, and the sale process took place with full consent. They have to pay 25% of the price initially and got the transaction process photographed and video-graphed, The, they told the poor farmers that the remaining sum would be released once they submit their lands for land pooling or else they could keep their areas with them.

Some of the TDP leaders have used the loopholes in the Registration Act, bribed the registration department officials, and got the lands registered. Some have even gone to the courts and got the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the registration and got the land registered in news.

The sub-registrar offices at Thullur, Mangalagiri, Amaravati, Pedakakani, and Guntur have done 499 registrations pertained 480 acres of assigned land. They also have made another 350 pending registrations related to sale transactions of 650 acres of designated areas. According to available statistics, the TDP leaders have bought another 1,200 acres through purchase agreements.

Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) and his leaders have tricked the innocent Dalit farmers and got the lands at a much lower price. Today the same land values at Rs. 1.75 crore per acre, which means the ruling party operates have deprived the poor Dalit of their fortunes.

Land Pooling Notification Binned

In the 29 villages that come under the capital region, there was a total of 2,028 acres of land. Out of this, 1,278 acres were assigned in 1954. The remaining 750 acres of land were assigned to the backward classes.

Concluding Remarks

The Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) era is marked with corruption, which no period had seen before. The sole purpose of the age was to loot the entire state and abandon it immobile. The economy saw a major hit while the poor were immensely oppressed. This made the situation immensely grave with very few or rather no minister carrying out his/her duty properly. There is no way that a state like Andhra Pradesh deserves a leader like Chandrababu Naidu and hence should be avoided at all costs.

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