April 4, 2021

Fake Documents and Bonda-Giri Scam | Chandrababu Naidu – The Real Who is 420 in AP


  • TDP MLA Uma Maheswara Rao cast his eyes upon a 5.16 acres land in Vijayawada.
  • The MLA grabbed the land on the disposal of strength.
  • The APCID came to know about the case and started an investigation.
  • The MLA threatened the family if they did not fall in line.

The Story Behind the Scenes

Kasireddy Suryanarayana, an original inhabitant of Andhra Pradesh, was a freedom fighter veteran. The veteran had an immense impact on the fight for freedom and had been jailed several times during the struggle. The most notable sacrifice of the leader was a three-year prison in Kurnool Prison. Owing to the great battle, the Andhra Pradesh Government gifted the war hero with 10.16 acres of land in Singh Nagar.

Chandrasekhar Naidu, the real who is 420 in AP, plagued his entire party and hand given a free hand to sustain monopoly in state as the whole. This heightened corruption in the state.

Kasireddy was blessed with two sons, namely, Ramakrishna and Venkateswara Rao. The latter did not marry while the former married and had two children. While the owners of the land sold some part of the property in few installments, they still had 5.16 acres out of the original 10.16 acres to their name.

Suryanarayana’s older son, Venkateswara Rao, died in 2013 while his younger son passed away back in 1981. However, fake documents were created, claiming that the property was already distributed way back in 1983.

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The Involvement of the MLA

At this point in time, TDP’s MLA of Vijayawada Central, Bonda Umamheswara Rao, developed interest over the piece of land left. The current value for one acre now stands above ten crores. So the entire property now stands above 50 crores.

This is where now the corruption took place. The MLA created counterfeit documents with the involvement of the revenue and registration officials. The report highlighted that both the sons of Suryanarayana had distributed the land among themselves back in 1983 while both the sons had died in 1981. This identified as the first flaw in the misconduct.

On becoming aware of the flaw, the records were changed to indicate that the piece of land was sold to an individual named Abdul Mastan and Ramireddy Koteswara Rao. In due time, the forged documents claimed that the part of area was given to the TDP MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao’s wife Sujatha and five others on the ground of development. Registration to this was done in the Gandhinagar Sub-Registrar’s office in Vijayawada. Soon, a boundary was erected across the fence of the piece of land, and a shed was made inside the piece of land. To add on top of it, MLA’s men had a keen eye over the area.

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The Scam as it Happened

As stated, the land was sold to Abdul Mastan and Ramireddy Koteswara Rao. Both of these individuals were mere victims of the corrupt TDP MLA Bonda Uma Maheswara Rao. Koteswara Rao had originally approached TDP MLA’s follower Mahesh for a loan against his home, which he was ready to pledge. In light of it, Koteswara Rao was taken to the Gandhinagar Sub-Registrar’s office and was made to sign few documents.

Later he was told that he could not be given the loan; however, the documents he had signed were used by the TDP MLA to forge documents. The reports stated that Koteswara Rao had purchased the piece of land and had later transferred to MLA Bonda’s wife for development purposes. The documents were duly signed, and both the individuals involved in the case were stated to be in chronic illness and are unable to speak. This highlights that the depth in which corruption has plagued the state on account of Chandrasekhar Naidu’s corrupt practices, the real who is 420 in AP.

The Scandal Came to Light

The scandal came to light when the freedom fighter Suryanarayana’s grandson Sureshbabu went to visit the land. To his surprise, he found the territory covered by the shady MLA’s men with a boundary around it. The men attacked the grandson and claimed that the land belonged to them. This highlights the real face of Chandrababu Naidu’s who, despite the knowledge of the individual’s act, allowed them the stand in politics in news, the actual who is 420 in AP.

After the incident came in light, the grandson filed a complaint against the MLA and his shady associates in the Singh Nagar Police Station. However, no action was laid over the culprits by the state police even after six months, and hence the family involved the state CID in the act.

Concluding Remarks

The following incident is one of the many cases inflicted by the TDP members, a however, even after gaining much attention, the TDP leader, Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) took no actions and let corruption breed in the state.

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