April 1, 2021

Chandrababu Naidu Mocks of Democracy | State Asks “Who is 420 in AP.”

On June 8 of 2014, Chandrababu Naidu took oath as the Chief Minister. Since then, he has failed to live up to the promise that he had taken. Making a mockery of the Constitution and ignoring democratic values, Chandrababu Naidu has been ruling the state like an autocrat and has earned the title “who is 420 in AP” for his reputation.

After taking oath in the name of almighty, to faithfully and conscientiously discharge the duties, he overturned the very spirit of the oath in his very first decision as to the Chief Minister.

The First Mistake

The very first mistake that Chandrababu Naidu did as soon as he assumed poweris that he showered generosity upon his benamis by leaking them the information on the location of the prospective capital in Amaravati. He has announced the present capital location after his cronies had purchased lands for throwaway prices and revealed his true face, the ”who is 420 in AP.”

On the other hand, not only he lured the YSRCP MLAs with his ill-gotten money but also inducted four of them into his cabinet. This deed of him was nothing but a blemish on the spirit of democracy.

A step ahead of it

The constituencies were ruled as per his will, only to those who were represented by the YSRCP funds. Also, orders were issued to allow TDP leaders to attend official programs. Chandrababu had been ruling the state as the government schemes are meant only for the TDP supporters.

Everyone knows what Chandrababu was up to in the 2015 note for vote case in which Anglo-Indian MLA Stephenson was offered crores of rupees in return for support in the MLC elections of the “who is 420 in AP”. After Chandrababu’s audio and videotape went viral, he had to compromise on the state’s interests at the hands of Telangana CM KCR. Andhra Pradesh incurred irrevocable losses with Babu’s decision.

To add on top of it, Chandrababu Naidu failed to enforce the Supreme Court’s orders in favor of AP as to the 10th schedule institutions. With this, the state has lost its rights on 142 institutions under the 10th schedule. Even after the Centre gave orders in favor of Telangana, Chandrababu decided not to file a counter in the Supreme Court and disrespected one of the highest houses of the country and hence has earned the title of ”who is 420 in AP”.

Furthermore, the opposition MLAs who raised their voice against the injustice to the state on Godavari river waters were suspended.

The Story As it Unfolded

Interestingly, the Legislative Affairs Minister himself said there was no relevance for the business rules of Assembly. Quoting provisions of Article 212 in the Constitution, he said no Court could intervene in affairs of the Assembly. On the occasion of the budget session of Assembly, YSRCP moved a no-confidence motion. By taking up the issue for discussion on the same day, the State Government stood by the defected MLAs.

Similarly, the discussion for removal of the Speaker was taken up on the same day it was moved, as per the Assembly’s business rule 71(1).  But, Article 179 of the regulations suggests the discussion be taken up 14 days after the motion is passed.

Business Rules of the Assembly, which abide by the Constitution, were ignored by the TDP thugs in taking action against the defected MLAs. It was the same case in the finance bill. The Opposition already sought the Speaker to opt for division in voting, but it was announced that the bill was passed without the Opposition’s consent. Thus, highlight the crony face of the “who is 420 in AP”.

One has to wonder if there was fair governance in the state.

As a result of YSRCP MLA RKRoja’s questioning and demand for following democratic values, she was suspended for a year. Even though the High Court ordered the government to withdraw suspension, the government did not act.

The 52nd Constitutional amendment was made in 1985 to protect the democratic foundations from illegal activities like the defection of legislators. It was included in the 10th Schedule of the Constitution. After it was found that the law was not sound, the 91st amendment was made in 2003.

Concluding Remarks

Chandrababu Naidu, in every possible way, believed in monopoly. There was no time in which he respected either the Constitution or the High Court and hence earned the title of being “who is 420 in AP.” However, it now depends upon the public the sort of leader they want who respected democracy in every possible way.

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